Greenhouse updates and Crops Looking Great!!

Everything has Been Seeded and now Transplanted and doing Great!! This Season will be adding Pok Choy, Collard Greens, Leeks, Red Onions and More to our CSA Shares!!13007113_1759118427656663_2012980475939345327_n12938246_1759118097656696_406616343260111019_n12924353_1755646551337184_8364111154830622691_n


2016 CSA Sign up’s are now open!!

Please join us in another Season full of Fresh Healthy Organic Veggies!! Our CSA Program is 21 Weeks (June-Oct) of Fresh Local Organic and 100% Chemical Free Vegetables!! We are also adding some new items this Season which include- Celery,Bok Choy, Leeks, along with 30+ Varieties of Vegetables, To see what we Grow  check the our Vegetable section on Website, Sign up before April 1st and receive a $20 Early Sign up Discount on any Share Size!! With a unexpected Farm move in the middle of Winter we need all the Community Support this Season to Help our Family Farm Continue to grow Fresh Organic Veggies!! Any Questions please email us or call,  Support Local Sustainable Organic Farming!! Know Your Farmer Know Your Food!!!

11188200_1636313799937127_6756324250317471827_n15596_10152755694746805_2894528490026240186_nSupport family farms They built AmericaBella Farms 2016

Farm Updates and 2016 CSA News

It was a great and Successful First Season!! Now where onto our Bigger and Better Second Season!! Unfortunately we are not able to lease the Farm again this Season due to very poor Business decisions and very poor Land Management Skills of the Land Owner!! with that behinds us now we have secured a lease from a good friend of ours for 5 Acres of Farmland and Greenhouse on Pippin Orchard Rd in Cranston RI, We will move our Farm Stand and CSA Pick up’s to our Original Farm at 464 Central Ave Johnston RI this Season,  Our CSA Signs up’s start next week on Feb 8th, We have updated the Sign up sheet with new address and info, We ask if your interested in Joining the CSA this Season to please sign up as early as possible as we need the Support and Funding for Seeds and Supplies for this Season as we didn’t expect to move the Farm in the middle of winter and the unexpected Cost of moving and everything associated with re setting up a whole Farm!! We look forward to a Great and Delicious Season of Fresh Organic Veggies!! We also like to Thank all of our CSA Members, Farmers market/Farm stand and Wholesale Customers  for a Great and Successful First Season!! any questions please just send us an Email, New Farm Pictures and new Vegetables will be adding this Season Coming Soon, Stay Tuned!!!

Summer Crop Updates!!

We have finished planting all our Summer Crops :), Over 4000 plants in the ground  this weekend!! we will have lots of variety’s of Summer Squash, Peppers, Eggplant, Tomatoes, Etc for our CSA Members, Farm Stand and the Farmers Market’s 🙂 Farm is looking great and really coming back to life!!!994113_1643613285873845_5729837181067771065_n10419618_1643613259207181_3531056256816136066_n11119108_1643613205873853_5033408871944524282_n11265483_1643613355873838_2287078358994341853_n

Summer Crops & Sweet Corn Planting updates:)

We planted all of our Tomatoes this weekend, Myself and my wife planted while PaPa drove the Tractor 🙂 and of course Bella did quality control ;), The rest of our summer crops will be planted later this week, We also planted our Sweet Corn, this will be the first crop of Corn that’s been planted at the old Dimeo Farm in over a decade!!! :), Also planted Green, Yellow, and purple string beans!! lots of Variety will be in our CSA Shares this Season 🙂 There are a few spots left so if your interested in joining please don’t wait!! Farm is looking great and really coming back to life!!15596_10152755694746805_2894528490026240186_n11227578_10152755694996805_40004236548505613_n11232068_10152755694801805_8756368182473199144_n11205597_1639238179644689_1546176993982577209_n988549_1640382209530286_6326073017785613029_n10462875_1640382286196945_5404343350214608516_n11295695_1640382452863595_3420585814768764069_n

Cole Crops are in!!! Planting updates

We planted all of our Cole Crops this Week :), Broccoli,Cabbage,Cualiflower, Kale,Chard,Beets,Spinach and different variety’s of each crop!! We planted all our crop on 100% Biodegradable Mulch in raised beds with drip Irrigation, There is no cleanup or waste and the mulch fully breaks down and turns into Compost, Now that’s Organic!! :), We also planted early Cukes & Zucchini in our Greenhouse, The Farm is alive and we will be planting new Crops almost Daily now!!11188200_1636313799937127_6756324250317471827_n11210469_1636313816603792_2006622249344367655_n10995578_1636313829937124_8859212928509381674_n11188171_1636313866603787_507709211849986850_n22497_1636761003225740_4937391458810025929_n11027444_1636761026559071_8752298905817940183_n11188373_1636761013225739_7587196690013465255_n11209670_1636761093225731_313995883747428349_n11026038_1636761056559068_7765393064581069624_n

Spring plowing and some Farm cleanup!!!

We got our front field cleaned up and all the wood chip scrapped off the field, that was left by a previous tree company, what a mess!!!Thanks to our good friend mike for letting us borrow his skid steer to clean up the wood chip, We also did some of our spring plowing 🙂 The new Tractor and Plow are working great!!! Our Greenhouse Tomatoes are taking off and we planted early Cukes & Zucchini this week, We have a few CSA Spots left so please don’t delay and sign up today!! :), Please help Support a Local Farm!! Know your Farmer Know your Food 🙂IMG_20150429_131219IMG_20150501_162901IMG_20150501_154016IMG_20150501_153941IMG_20150430_123335IMG_20150430_144006IMG_20150501_153936