Cole Crops are in!!! Planting updates

We planted all of our Cole Crops this Week :), Broccoli,Cabbage,Cualiflower, Kale,Chard,Beets,Spinach and different variety’s of each crop!! We planted all our crop on 100% Biodegradable Mulch in raised beds with drip Irrigation, There is no cleanup or waste and the mulch fully breaks down and turns into Compost, Now that’s Organic!! :), We also planted early Cukes & Zucchini in our Greenhouse, The Farm is alive and we will be planting new Crops almost Daily now!!11188200_1636313799937127_6756324250317471827_n11210469_1636313816603792_2006622249344367655_n10995578_1636313829937124_8859212928509381674_n11188171_1636313866603787_507709211849986850_n22497_1636761003225740_4937391458810025929_n11027444_1636761026559071_8752298905817940183_n11188373_1636761013225739_7587196690013465255_n11209670_1636761093225731_313995883747428349_n11026038_1636761056559068_7765393064581069624_n


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