Environmental Journal: He knows, and loves, farming

Environmental Journal: He knows, and loves, farming.


6 thoughts on “Environmental Journal: He knows, and loves, farming

  1. Thank you!! We are very excited to be Growing Organic Healthy Vegetable’s for our Community also!! We look forward to meeting you this Season :), Please spread the word about our Family Farm!! Thanks Bella Farms


  2. Great article! Wonderful to hear about what you are doing.This work is so important! I live in Cranston and would like to sign-up for CSA but wondering if possible to split transportation with anyone else from Cranston (near city hall) to save time and fossil fuel use. Is there way for me to put the word out to any other Cranstonians you know of who might be signing up for your CSA? (Yes I will also put word out to my neighbors!) Thank you!

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  3. Good for you guys! Johnston was once a beautiful semi-rural town, and patches of it still are. How great that you’re keeping land open as a working farm. The world needs more people like you. I’m ready to sign up for the CSA. And I’ll bring a few neighbors with me.

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  4. Hello Mike, Thank you for your Support of our Farm!! Johnston is in need of Local Fresh Produce!! You and your neighbors joining our CSA Program is just what our Farm needs, Community Support!! It is the Main Reason I’m Farming, To feed our Community with Fresh Healthy Vegetable’s!! Any Question’s about our CSA Please ask, Thank you again for your Support!! 🙂


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